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Cyclists for Community Board of Directors

Background and how to apply to serve on the board

Serving on the Cyclists for Community (C4C) Board of Directors is a rewarding experience and an exciting opportunity to advance the mission and vision of one of Boulder’s leading non-profit organizations.  Membership on the Board of Directors comes with certain benefits and expectations, outlined here, along with more information about our board of directors.

C4C Mission

C4C’s mission is safer and better cycling for Boulder County.  C4C achieves this through partnerships with Boulder County communities and governments focused on infrastructure, outreach, and policy.

C4C Vision

We serve the community to achieve safe cycling and lower stress for all users on the roads and bikeways through the reduction of incidents.

We give back to the community to create harmony between the various users.

We partner within our communities to embrace cycling as part of the transportation mix.

C4C Board of Directors Information

  • Board meetings take place about every six weeks with July and December off.
  • Board members are somewhat active between meetings on email and serving on sub-committees.
  • Current committees: Executive, Governance, Finance, Wednesday Morning Velo (WMV), Advocacy, Marketing, and Fundraising/Events.
  • Board members may initially fill a vacant slot/ partial term but are generally elected for 2-year terms.

C4C Board Member Expectations

  • Board members are expected to attend at least eight out of ten board meetings per year.  100% participation is preferred for continuity and shared strength.
  • Board members are expected to actively participate on a committee.  Committees generally meet every 1-2 months, or more frequently as the work requires.  Our current committees are listed above.
  • Board members are expected to attend Crank it Forward (CIF), our primary fundraising event.  The next CIF is scheduled for May 20, 2022.
  • Board members are expected to make a meaningful financial contribution to the organization.  Amounts are confidential, and there is no minimum contribution.  However, it is important for us when approaching potential donors, that all board members are financially invested in the organization.
  • Board members are expected to actively participate in a respectful, collaborative, and productive way during board discussions.
  • Board members are expected to participate outside of meetings by actively and quickly engaging in email discussions.
  • Board members are asked to periodically assist with or attend a fundraising or community outreach event, or participate in other ways like attending a donor recognition party, or utilize their skills, expertise or connections in other ways to help the organization.
  • Board members are expected to have a basic understanding of the fiduciary duties that govern nonprofit board service.

C4C Board Member Benefits

Benefits of serving on a non-profit board like Cyclists for Community are primarily intangible, like developing skills and gaining valuable business, political and professional connections.  Board members take pride in contributing to the Boulder community and pushing forward initiatives that serve our Mission and Vision.

More Information about C4C

Learn more about the history of the organization, current board members, and in general at  In particular, click through to the News and About pages and sections of the site.

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