What C4C Has Done and Is Doing

2021-2022 – C4C has offered to contribute towards the 17.2% matching contingency portion of the $400,000 DRCOG grant for a Lyons – Boulder Bikeway feasibility study (see below).  If awarded, Boulder County is permitted to seek community partners to defray $68,800 of the $400,000 total funding.  Otherwise, Boulder County must pay this sum on its own from its monies that could be put elsewhere in our community.

Grant Application for a Feasibility Study for a Boulder – Lyons Bikeway (2021) – Two years of C4C staff work in partnership primarily with Boulder County resulted in a grant application to DRCOG for $400,000 in order to commission a professional feasibility study for a Boulder – Lyons bikeway.  Data demonstrates that this is one of the, if not the, worst roads for killed and seriously injured users in Boulder County or Colorado.  The goal is to separate drivers and vulnerable users on this route.

Digitized Bicycle Friendly Driver Classes (2019-21) – C4C has delivered about $22,000 of its $27,000 commitment to Bicycle Colorado as part of Bicycle Colorado’s $240,000+ long-term program to create high quality online content for drivers and cyclists regarding the laws for sharing roads in Colorado.  This program will eventually be broadly scaled, reaching tens of thousands or more, and broadly adapted in order to be applied to a wide variety of uses.

Bicycle Friendly Driver Classes (2018) – C4C donated $20,000 in order to achieve the matching component of a grant totaling $100,000 to administer classroom based Bicycle Friendly Driver classes taught by certified Bicycle Colorado staff.  This program reached around 700+ mostly commercial drivers in Boulder County.

“One Road” Video Shared with It Could Be MeC4C contributed $10,000 to the shared cost of the production of “One Road,” a share-able public service announcement reminding people in positive terms that we all share the road.  Visit our homepage to view it.

Variable Message Board (2017) – C4C donated $17,000 to Boulder County for the purchase of a variable message board.  That VMB is dedicated to cycling related messages from April to November during daylight hours.  At night it tends to communicate DUI related messages.  The rest of the year, it’s used at Boulder County’s discretion.

Cold Springs Fire Relief (2016) – C4C contributed funds to help families coping with recovery from the wildfires that consumed areas near Nederland in 2016.

Trip Tracker (2015) – C4C contributed funds to help support the Boulder Valley School District’s Trip Tracker program, which provides incentives to kids to get to school by bike, bus, or foot, reducing traffic congestion and promoting active transportation.

Lyons Community Foundation (2014) – On the one year anniversary of the floods, C4C organized and put on a festival and fundraiser in Lyons at Bohn Park which raised more than $40,000 for the town’s Community Foundation, which was set up to help flood victims.

Rebuild Jamestown (2013) – Following the floods of 2013, the town of Jamestown was devastated and recovery was questionable.  Cyclists 4 Community (prior to its official founding) rallied the cycling community and put together a fundraiser just three weeks following the flood, which raised more than $120,000 to help the town recover.

Donations to Jamestown established an ethic of partnership at C4C.  It’s an act that to this day has left better relations between residents, drivers, and bicyclists in James and Lefthand Canyons.

More and up to date information can always be found under the “News” tab of this website and thanks for supporting C4C!





One can always find up to date information in the News section of c4community.org and thank you for supporting C4C.