Boulder County Road Signs – In 2017, C4C began working with Boulder County with a goal of improving safety for road cyclists on county roads.  In October 2017, Boulder County began installing signs educating drivers about the 3 foot law.

Lighten Up Campaign – C4C put on event in November 2017 in partnership with the City of Boulder, Boulder County, and the University of Colorado to raise awareness and funds to get bike lights in more people’s hands to increase their visibility on roadways.

Toward Vision Zero – C4C is a participant in the Community Partnership Committee organized as part of the City of Boulder Transportation Division’s Vision Zero program.  This committee brings together community stakeholders to foster partnerships and broad-based leadership on mitigation strategies to achieve Boulder’s Toward Vision Zero safety goals.

Bicyclist Education – C4C supports bicycle education programs for youth.  In 2017, we held a fundraiser in support of Boulder Valley School District’s Bike Education Program and Pedaling Minds, a non-profit kids bike education organization.