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Safer Cycling in Boulder County

For tens of thousands of Boulder County cyclists and residents


North Foothills Bikeway

Fixing one of Colorado's most dangerous roads


Safer and Better Cycling

Through Partnerships with Boulder County Communities (Photo: Tim Stone)


C4C leveraged a $425,000 grant awarded to fund a 2025 study for a Boulder – Louisville/Lafayette bikeway.

Another $1,920,000 grant also leveraged by C4C is currently wait-listed.  It would fund construction of the Jay Rd. segment of the LoBo Trail.

Our Accomplishments

Thank You to Our Featured Donors

Supporting safer and better cycling for Boulder County’s 30,000 cyclists

I live off Neva Road and use US 36 as my main travel corridor. I’ve lived in this part of the County since 2003. I estimate that I’ve driven on 36 at all hours of the day and night, in all seasons, more than 10,000 times. To me, it’s terrifying that cyclists have to share a two-lane highway where the average speeds are 60+ mph. No matter who's fault causes an accident (and I have witnessed many close calls), there is no question that a human body is no match for a heavy vehicle.

A.G., North Foothills Highway area resident

We are thrilled to be a partner of C4C. Since 2019, they've contributed critical financial and subject matter expertise to our Bicycle Friendly Driver program. Most recently, they're support is enabling our team to develop an animated, interactive digital version of the course that will be accessible on any device.

Pete PiccoloExecutive Director, Bicycle Colorado

"This is great news!" --Response to learning that C4C will annually fund the seasonal porta-potty in Jamestown, sparing the small town of the cost of accommodating cyclists

Vic HarrisTown of Jamestown


When you or your business give to Cyclists 4 Community, you give to an organization devoted to safer cycling in Boulder County.  C4C is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is 100% tax deductible.

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