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Crank It Forward - Prologue Edition

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One Road from Cyclists 4 Community

In 2021, C4C and It Could Be Me remind everyone that we’re all sharing one road.

In initial projects plus nearly $45,000 in projects like a variable message board dedicated to cyling messages and bicycle friendly driver - auto friendly cyclist education
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Forming in response to the 2013 floods, Cyclists 4 Community (C4C) worked with the cycling community to raise over $250,000 for local charities and communities.   C4C’s values of being collaborative, proactive, responsible, inclusive, and generous persist beyond the completion of most of the flood recovery work.  Today, part of C4C’s mission is to create a positive experience for all users of our roads and bikeways.

"Thanks to C4C's funding to and partnering with Boulder County, Bicycle Colorado is able to administer 45 Bicycle Friendly Driver courses in Boulder County in 2019, reaching about 900 people, most of them commercial drivers."

Pete PiccoloExecutive Director, Bicycle Colorado

"This is great news!" --Response to learning that C4C will fund the seasonal porta-potty in Jamestown, relieving the small town of the cost of accommodating cyclists

Vic HarrisTown of Jamestown


When you or your business give to C4C, you give to an organization whose convictions aim not only to make cycling safer but to keep it as part of the quality of life collectively enjoyed in Boulder County.  C4C is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is 100% tax deductible.

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