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The 2013 flood was destructive to communities frequented by Boulder area cyclists and, in response, merited aid from cyclists to those communities.

C4C grew out of its 2013 capacity to deliver charitable relief from the cycling community to surrounding communities affected by the floods in September of that year.

Subsequently, C4C developed a tendency to deliver one program service a year funded by the cycling community which continues to support C4C, mostly at it annual fundraising gala, Crank It Forward.

These programs ranged from things like a $17,000 gift to Boulder County to purchase a variable message board to communicate cycling messages on our shared roads to $20,000 in funding to obtain a Regional Air Quality Control grant totaling $100,000 to pay for classroom based Bicycle Friendly Driver classes.


By partnering with other organizations, key among them Bicycle Colorado, C4C has been able to multiply the power of its outcomes.  Education and awareness are a great place to start.

With one part-time staff person for the last four years, C4C has been able to increase its delivery of program services.  C4C and Boulder County partnered on a $400,000 grant to fund a feasibility study for a Boulder – Lyons bikeway (“The North Foothills Path”).

C4C partnered with Bicycle Colorado to contribute $27,000 to SHIFT Driving, a Bicycle Colorado project in the works now to provide high quality online content covering driving and riding safely and lawfully in Colorado.

For 2022, C4C continues its ethic of delivering on one, substantial program.  Additionally, C4C is adding capacity to support ongoing work in the background.  Here’s C4C’s main 2022 goal.

  • C4C has committed to disbursing $30,000 to Boulder County to help defray the $68,800 community match segment of the $400,000 grant to fund the Boulder – Lyons bikeway (North Foothills Path) study.  After the Marshall Fire, more than ever, C4C aims to protect and support its relationship with Boulder County in order to continue delivering on significant program services.

Another crucial partner to C4C is Boulder County.  By working together, C4C can deliver outcomes on the scale of public policy and public engineering for everyone’s benefit.

Secondary to C4C’s main goal, these are other program services supported by C4C.

  • Staying involved in the North Foothills Path feasibility study to ensure that planning for such a path accommodates the needs of Boulder County cyclists.
  • Supporting an updated road signage and safety standard beginning with Lee Hill and Olde Stage where a bicyclist fatality has revealed problems with existing signage.
  • Proposing that any updated signage standard be appropriately scaled across Boulder County where the data indicates need.
  • Exploring an annual donor system to allow businesses and other organizations to support C4C on an ongoing basis and have their support shown in the community.
  • Partnering with government agencies on a utilitarian summary of the laws for road users, both drivers and cyclists.  Let’s establish an accessible standard that supports civil regard for life and property.
  • Supporting Boulder County’s 2022 ballot question regarding the renewal and/or improvement of the public funding that pays for engineering, policy, and quality of life that stems from transportation funding.  Here’s a newsletter containing a lot of what C4C is focusing on.
  • C4C is helping Bicycle Colorado with partnerships to support its SHIFT Driving program consisting of high quality online content surrounding the safe and lawful use of roads in Colorado.  This can be scaled to reach tens of thousands of users and adapted broadly across applications.
  • C4C is nudging various governments across the State to coordinate their individual work on paths.  Organically, it’s starting to add up to major statewide connectivity which equals great quality of life and access to recreation from Greeley to Glenwood Springs and beyond.
  • C4C is working with law enforcement to explore ways to make enforcement both meaningful and fair by avoiding undesirable and punitive measures (unless warranted) and focusing on constructive enforcement and sentencing options.
  • C4C is always looking at possibilities for events, social and/or informative.
  • C4C is invested in an ongoing basis in the County’s Vision Zero work.

When you support C4C, you support these program services.  Thanks and we’ll see you out riding!