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The new signs are part of a pilot project and will be placed on roads with significant vehicle and bicycle traffic that also do not have shoulders. These are roadways where motorists typically need to cross the centerline to give bicyclists the necessary three feet of space.

To help develop the new signs, Boulder County Transportation and the Sheriff’s Office worked with Cyclists 4 Community (C4C), a local non-profit focused on improving motorist-cyclist relationships and safety for all roadway users.

“Often there tends to be confusion by both drivers and bicyclists on what the state law says about when and how to pass a bike rider,” noted Boulder County Transportation Director George Gerstle. “Our goal is to improve safety and reduce tension between all users of the road by providing clarity, so everyone can know what to expect from each other.”

“Cyclists 4 Community’s goal is to raise awareness for both cyclists and motorists about safe use of the roads,” stated Ed Kuh, board member of C4C. “Our target is to have zero deaths or serious injuries as a result of motorist/cyclists conflicts or collisions. Along with improved riding and driving habits, having the ‘three feet passing’ signage will help.”

Russ Chandler, Co-Founder and Board Member of Cyclists 4 Community adds, “This represents a first of many steps in a multi-year process working with the city and county to increase driver and cyclist awareness and improve road safety for all.  Our next focus is on the US 36 corridor between Boulder and Lyons, where we hope to start to utilize a new mobile variable message board sign, and eventually achieve infrastructure improvements such as underpasses and separated bike paths.”

The new signs are being installed on a trial basis and Boulder County welcomes feedback. Get More information and Provide Feedback.